Dell XPS M1330 (6 Cells) Laptop-Notebook Battery With Original Cells

Brand: LapActive

Product Code: CC121

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Price: Rs 2,099

dell xps m1330 battery

Condition is : New Dell XPS m1330 Laptop Battery
Voltage  : 11.1 Volts
Capacity : 4400/4800mah
Color is : Black
Cells : 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Warranty : 6 Months From Seller
Part no : KR-ONX511, PU556, PU563, 451-10473, TT485,& more
Fit Models : For only Dell XPS m1330 Series Laptops

In the era of “.com bubble” where we are surrounded by gadgets 24*7, Laptops have become an essential part of our daily lives. We need it for computing or even enjoying in our leisure time. Be it a student or a working professional, Laptop is no more a luxury but a necessity and no matter how much we charge the laptop battery, at one point or the other every Laptop needs a charging port. If your Dell XPS M1330 is feeling low on the original adaptor even after charging then it’s time to replace it with the new Dell XPS M1330 (6 Cells) Laptop-Notebook battery with original cells. Voltage would be 11.1 Volts which is really high for a battery as standard issue is 10.8 Volts, color of the product is black and the capacity is standard 4400/4800mAh.The battery pack is made up of 6 original cells which means that you can rely on your powerful batteries. They come along with a six month replacement warranty from the seller along with a minimum two days to a maximum of three working days of delivery time, which is pretty fast for an e-commerce website. The battery is compatible with all Dell XPS M1330 series Laptops and Notebooks. It charges quite efficiently and to make it hassle free you can pay via PayUMoney or the Cash on delivery option. Happy buying!


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