HCL Original (65 Watt) 19V, 3.42A Laptop Charger, BK003965

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HCL Original (65Watt) 19V, 3.42A Original AC Adapter


HCL computers and laptops are one of the most widely sold and widely used computers in the IT sector today. But, laptops cannot be purchased simply, one needs adapters too. The HCL laptop charger is a great quality charger which will take care of all the HCL laptops that are manufactured in the same series and types. This charger has earned tremendous recognition in the Indian market and everywhere from school to offices, these chargers accompany the laptops.

Part Numbers or Typer Numbers:

BK003965, FLNB4300023

Fit Models:

All HCL me series, HCL P-28 series, HCL P-38 series, HCL 39, 40, 54, 55, 41, 44, 74, 1015, 104 Series Laptop Models


  • HCL laptop charger India has an input current of 100-240V
  • HCL 19v, 3.42a laptop charger has a DC connector with internal and external diameter respectively of 5.5mm x 2.5mm.
  • A 2-prong accompanies the charger
  • A maximum power of 65W is allowed with the charger.


The warranty period offer for the charger is of 1 Year HCL Manufacturer Only

Extending battery life

The battery life is always the main concern while buying a laptop charger. It should be adequate to suffice the requirements of the people who need to carry it from one place to another. To buy HCL laptop charger the battery life is considered a major factor. HCL laptop charger price is perfect for the battery life it offers.

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