Best Way for Replacement and Installation of Dell Inspiron 15R/N5010, M5010, M501R Laptop Keyboard

Best Way for Replacement and Installation of Dell Inspiron 15R/N5010, M5010, M501R Laptop Keyboard

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The primary aim of this tutorial is to help you to replace and install the keyboard for Dell Inspiron M501R, 15R, M5010 N5010 series. There are 6 very simple and easy DIY steps, which can easily help to replace the old and damaged battery, and replace it with a new one. Make sure to handle your tools carefully, as the products form major part of your replacement procedure. It is better to keep those handy, whenever you need those. Moreover, grab a special place for the screws, as you will need those back for installing back the covers.

Tools that you would require for replacing the keyboard would be a screwdriver kit.

Listed below, are the prominent 6 steps used for removing and installing keyboards of your Dell Inspiron N5010:

First ( i ) : Without proper tools, it is next to impossible to slide the locking latch of the battery section. Therefore, ensure to grab the flathead screwdriver, the start unlocking the latch to its unlocking session. For the next step, you need to slide the latch and take the battery out from the laptop.


Second ( ii ) : Now, it is time for you to loosen door screw, and make sure to remove the door, from the base region.


Third ( iii ) :This step is to be carried very carefully and needs to be handled, with care. Get the best screwdriver and remove the screws. 


Fourth ( iv ) : According to the latest survey, it has been found out that dell gave a notice regarding some of its models. Some models might not use keyboard screws, where else; some might have only 1. In maximum instances, the dell keyboards comprise of 3 screws, which must be removed and installed, with care. The reliable optional screw is located just above the nameplate. The plate is located, just at the bottom of the host device, primarily laptop.


Fifth ( v ) : After you have unscrew the knobs with care, you need to take an extra help and turn over the laptop. Make sure to handle the parts well, as you have already unscrewed various sections. Open up the lid, and ensure to take help of flat head screw or scribe for lifting up the keyboard. You need to press the tools in 4 latches, which can help in lifting up the keyboard.


Sixth ( vi ) : Take extra care while lifting up the keyboard, and plan to turn it over, with extra help. For the next step, you need to unplug the special cable of the keyboard. Remove it from the laptop, and replace it with a new one.


After you have replaced the old and damaged dell inspiron n5010 laptop keyboard with a new one, follow the same procedures, as mentioned above, and attach the loose parts, back to their allotted places. The keyboard models might differ with the Inspiron models. Make sure to take help of reliable professionals, before choosing the right keyboard, for your use. It will hardly take few minutes of your time to replace the keyboard, and enjoy the electronic gadget, as good a new.