Laptop Batteries and How to Enhance their Life

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While it is a utopian thought to apply the Moore’s law to laptop battery life still science has always managed to amaze us and you never know when a dream might become a reality.

A genuinely good laptop would always fulfill the criteria of having a great battery life. A poor battery can be the kryptonite to a super-laptop. When it comes to good battery lives HP laptop batteries are one of the most enduring ones on the market currently. The combined efficiency of the HP battery and the processor gives a lasting and uninterrupted user experience

How long do laptop batteries last?

Well that really depends on your usage. Generally laptop batteries survive one year of heavy usage before starting to show signs of degradation. If the battery is used sparingly then it should give you a good three to four years. Improvements are always being made in battery technology and a new laptop battery will be in the pink of health longer than your old laptop battery.


How to tell if your laptop battery is degrading?

The easiest way to tell so is when the battery is not able to hold charge for very long. A good indicator of a degrading battery is when in it is not able to retain 50% of what it used to when it was new. Another common telltale sign is when the laptop suddenly shuts down while on battery power. Nowadays laptops come with built in software that tells when you need to replace the battery. New HP laptop battery price ranges between 1000 INR to 2000 INR for regular usage laptops and can be easily purchased online from one of the many e-vendors.


How to enhance the laptop battery life?

This is the most important question to be dealt with. There are a few remedies that can be applied as follows:

  • If you are keeping the laptop constantly on the power source and very infrequently use the battery power then battery degradation will happen faster if it remains charged 100% overtime. You can prevent this by limiting the charging threshold to 80% thereby enhancing battery life
  • Do not keep the laptop battery in extremely cold or hot regions. This holds importance for HP laptop batteries in India. Users can cool down the batteries using a chill pad
  • Do not discharge to 0% before recharging as this is also degrades laptop batteries
  • You can always enhance the runtime of your battery by optimizing usage like decreasing the brightness of your screen, turning off auto updates while on battery power