Microsoft Surface Pro 2 - 12V 3.6A Laptop Charger

Brand: Laprite

Product Code: CC1177

Availability: In Stock

Price: Rs 2,999

Charger For Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Laptop

Condition: New Ac Power Adapter For Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Series PC
Output: 12V , 3.6A 
Warranty:  6 Months Replacement from Seller
Watt: 44Watt
Power Cord: FREE
Fit Model: For Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Laptops
Delivery: Delivery in 2 to 3 working days after shipping

Running a laptop without a proper charger can be really problematic, especially if you have something important to deal with at your workplace. Of course, you can opt to buy a duplicate charger for your laptop, but sooner or later, you will start realizing instead of wasting money in buying duplicate chargers, it will be best to buy a proper charger that fits your Surface Pro2 laptop fine.

In case you have finally decided to buy surface pro 2 adapters from a quality store, then you are surely in the right place. We offer you the best quality charger, adapter for your laptops. This particular charger fits in Surface Pro2 laptop perfectly. With an output of 4 watts, you can only expect it to charge your laptop a lot faster than any other adapter. Due to the fact that this surface 2 charger comes with a magnetic snap-in connector, it becomes a lot easier to use too. Apart from all these benefits, you also get a USB port along with the adapter; so, you can now charge your laptop and mobile phone at the same time using only one adapter.

If you compare the Microsoft surface pro 2 charger price in India, you will find that this charger is quite affordable too. And if you buy from our online, you get to enjoy a 6 months replacement warranty as well.


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