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Shri Hanuman Yantra

It is said that a human being can move mountains with his/her persistence devotion, faith and firm belief.  Here, we bring to you one of the most prolific ways of feeling closer and connected to the supreme power of Lord Hanumanji. Just being a god fearing person will not bring progress and peace into your life. God should be deeply loved and admired. Thus, the Hanuman Chalisa Yantra of ours is a potent device that will help you feel the power of the almighty Hanumanji or fondly known as Bajrangbali. 

Widely accepted around the globe, the Hanuman Mantra is the most effective and powerful mantras by the Hindus and other followers of Hanumanji. If you are looking forward for a way to alleviate you from your current sufferings, to help you improve your financial condition, to award you the much-deserved success at work, then embrace this hanuman chalisa yantra with gold plated chain with full faith and belief, and watch your times changing into prosperity and happiness. The Hanuman Chalisa Yantra in India is one of the most popular religious elements used by every section of the society.

About the Yantra
We are here to provide you with the information that you need to know about the Yantra. This Yantra has the image of Hanumanji or Bajrangabali or Anajaneya, as he is populary known by different names across his devotee. Reverence for Hanumanji will help you seethrough your bad times and will soon bring the threshold of good times. Hanumanji was an ardent follower of Lord Ram and is known as the supreme protector. He enables you to fight back with all form of evil or negativity by means of his blessings.

Thus, if you are facing any obstacles today or often face hurdles due to which many of your important work or assignments get stalled, then worshipping Hanumanji with all your heart and soul will sail you through the difficult times easily. This Yantra has the Hanuman Chalisa embossed in it that should be recited by a devotee in order to invoke and recognize his/her belief towards Hanumanji. This is one-of-a-kind authentic yantra that has the complete Hanuman Chalisa in a miniature format, which is visible to the naked eyes.

Along with this Yantra you can find Hanumaan Raksha Kavach engraved on the rear side that will impart energy to ward off all form of ill luck and evil forces. Moreover, it will also provide you the much-needed strength. The Yantra has the entire Hanuman Chalisa in a very legible format and hence, you can carry it along with you anywhere, anytime. You can wear it as a pendant or easily carry it in your pocket or purse. The pendant is gold plated and thus has longevity.

Elements of the Yantra
You can check this Hanuman Chalisa locket online and see the various elements that are included in this yantra that make a wholesome personification of Hanumanji. The following items are included in the yantra:

  • A pendant of Hanumanji that is gold plated for endurance and longevity
  • A legible Hanuman Chalisa, meticulously crafted,that can be read with the help of a lens.
  • An exceptional gift in the form of an idol of Panchmukhi Hanumanji, which is the most worshipped form of Hanumanji. You can place the idol in your area of worship at home, office, shop, or any other place, where you pray on a daily basis.
  • A picture of Hanumanji that is carefully fitted in a beautiful photo frame
  • Benefits of the Yantra
  • One of the questions that might be occurring in your mind would be, “How will I benefit from this Hanuman Chalisa 108 ?” Well, some of the very obvious benefits that you will experience as soon as you adopt the Hanuman Chalisa Yantra with complete faith and belief are as follows:
  • Overall enhancement in the well being of your life in general
  • Elevation in mental robustness and strength
  • You will nullify the effect of evil forces and negative energy
  • General improvement in your overall health and physical well being
  • Improvement in financial conditions and all your worldly tension will be alleviated
  • Overall well being of your family and friends
  • Enhancement in social status and prestige
  • You will receive a lot of respect and support from others
  • Long standing problems will begin to see a solution
  • Improvement in studies, research, job, profession etc.
  • Well being and safety of your children
  • The pendant makes an individual experience the power of Mantras and Slokas.

In addition, this Yantra has the Hanuman Chalisa in hindi embedded in it;hence, you can chant or recite the mantra anytime. Moreover, you can easily wear this yantra or carry it anywhere, as it comes in a form of pendant with a 24-carat gold plated chain.

Why choose us for the Yantra?
We are the most trusted providers of the genuine Hanuman Chalisa Yantra. Our customers have sent us testimonials of their positive experience and happiness after they bought this yantra from us. Thus, you can also buy the Hanuman Chalisa Yantra and welcome a series of blessings and positive events into your life. Here are a few direct benefits due to which we are the most preferred providers of the Yantra in India.


  • Our on-time and fast delivery at your door step 
  • Cash on delivery option that makes placing the order an easy process
  • Multiple options of making payment when you decide to purchase the mantra
  • The premium quality metals that are used in the construction of this Hanuman Yantra are genuine and of superior quality, and we provide a certificate of authenticity for the  gold used in the pendant.
  • The gold used is 24 carat gold and we vouch by the originality and purity of the Yantra.
  • The small scale inscription of the Hanuman Chalisa is made possible due to the use of the European Nano Technology that also ensures that the device is waterproof and is durable
  • Our product quality is so superior that the image of Hanumanji on the pendant will stay unwavering and firm for years together
  • The complete verse of the Hanuman Chalisa is made available on this pendant and that is the USP of this pendant if you buy 108 Hanumaan Chalisa Yantra, as most of the other devices do not have the complete verse or have it in an incorrect format.
  • We have taken all necessary measures to guarantee the exactness and accuracy of the Mantra and the Slokas available in this pendant.
  • We ensure that we use a superior quality of crystal glass in the pendant that will help you read the mantra easily
  • Our packaging and delivery services are supreme, as we have a team of dedicated professionals handling the order for you
  • We provide guarantee and warranty of the device, service and customization if required

Who should be the Users of this Yantra?
Anybody and everybody can use this yantra. This yantra is your gateway to feel connected with Hanumanji and there is no restriction in the abode of Hanumanji. Anyone can reach out to him at anytime of the day. All you need to do is have reverence for Hanumanji, embrace and adorn this yantra with firm belief and faith, and watch this yantra bring a change of tide in a positive way into your lives. For some, the effect and impact of this yantra has not been any less than a miracle.

You can check the Price of Hanuman Chalisa Yantra online and check the testimonials of our satisfied customers who have backed us consistently and brought a positive change in their lives. Therefore,a young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, anyone can embrace this yantra and can steer his/her life towards success, prosperity, peace, happiness, joy and positivity.

Technique to read the Hanuman Chalisa
There is a special glass lens provided with the yantra that will enable and help you to read the Hanuman Chalisa hindi in an easy and comfortable way. This glass is advantageously positioned over the Tilak of Hanumanji. While you face a source of light that illuminates in the place you are praying, hold the pendant near your eyes andthen hold the lens at a proper distance from the pendant so that the Hanuman Chalisa is clearly visible, and become legible for you.

Precautions to take while using the Pendant
This Hanuman Chalisa Pendant is waterproof; however, you have to make sure that this pendant stays in a good condition for a long time by taking some additional care of it. Always use a clean cloth to wipe off the dust or any form of abrasions. In addition, make it face the sunlight for sometime in a week to ensure that the shine of the product is intact. Always keep it in a safe and secure place, if you are not wearing it. These few measures will longer the life of the pendant.

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra For A More Fulfilled Life
Devotion, loyalty and strength are synonymous to Lord Hanuman. An ardent follower of Lard Rama, he showcased that true faith can move mountains literally. Bajrang Bali, as he is also called by his devotees is one of the immortals in the Hindu Mythology. He is pure, and his name itself wards of evil. GoswamiTulsidas composed forty verses singing the Hymn of the Lord. The poem is known popularly as Hanuman Chalisa. Cart Cafe has brought Hanuman Yantra Locket to provide you with a broad array of benefits. It can be sung by all without any bounds of age and gender and has benefited people through the ages.

Importance of Haunman Chalisa Mantra
The mantra or the hymn is known for its capability to ward off evil. SankatMochan that means the one who gives relief from the troubles is one of his names. Reciting the mantra brings in good times and fights the effect of Saturn. It is writing in Devnagri script and Cart Café has brought you in the same manner. We have brought the same to you in a manner that is easy to comprehend. All that matters is pure devotion, and our authentic product will assure you that prosperity never leaves you. Sade Sati, that is the seven, and half years of the ill effect of Saturn can be avoided when you chant the hymn in the Shri Hanuman Chalisa Yantra every day. It gives you courage and demolishes the fear in you.

Hanuman Yantra and It's Effects on Life
The best thing is to keep the mantra and an idol of Hanuman with you all the time. It may not be possible until now but with Cart Café’s pendant you can stay blessed with Lord's blessing all the time. There are numerous reasons you should choose the Yantra from us:

•    It has the beautiful face of Shri Hanuman Jimoulded out of an excellent combination of alloys. In Hindu Mythology, metal alloy idols have a high regard and effectiveness, and we bring the goodness to you in perfect proportion.
•    The small pebble shaped ornamentation on the Mukut of the Lord has the complete Shri Hanuman Chalisa written in it.
•    A hymn has the maximum effect when it is written and pronounced correctly. We have written the mantra in such a way that its recitation is perfect for increased effectiveness and authenticity.
•    The Mool Mantra has been written to perfection, and we have proofread the text extensively.
•    You can read the entire mantra as we have taken every care to make it eligible. As you can carry it all the time, you can recite it as per your convenience.
•    The glass lens is powerful enough to let you read the Mantra easily as it is made out of high-quality crystal glass.
•    You can place the pendant on your neck, and its superior metal quality will make it last long.
•    When you order it from us, our superior packaging ensures that you get the pendant in best conditions.

Precautions needed
Though the metal alloy used is long lasting some precautions will ensure that the Lord stays with you for long. It is water resistant but make sure to wipe it clean once a day with a mild cotton cloth. Take out the Hanuman yantra manoj kumar in the sun for some time as it will retain the original shine longer.

Our Offer Price
It is available at Rs.1099/-
Therefore, have complete belief in this yantra and watch Hanumanji taking care of you and your life. 



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