Sony VAIO Laptop Charger 19.5 V 4.7 A Compatible Ac Adapter

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sony vaio 19.5 v 4.7 a laptop charger


Sony Vaio is a highly demanded laptop brand today. The trends and uniqueness that this brand has been able to strike, makes it one of the most stylish and high quality laptops that everyone wishes to have. Thus, people who care for quality will know Vaio laptops as well as Sony Vaio 19.5 v 4.7 a laptop charger. It is one of the well-made chargers today. The Sony Vaio charger 19.5 v 4.7 a has quite a few striking features.

Sony VAIO Charger Specifications

Conditon : New High Quality Product
Output : 19.5V, 4.7A
Wattage : 92 Watts
Warranty : 6 Months Replacement Warranty from Seller.
Connector Pin Size : Size is 6.5mm * 4.4mm
Includes : Free Power Cable
In the Box : Sony VAIO Charger & Power Cable


Fit Sony VAIO Laptop Models :

For Sony VAIO FW Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO NS Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO NW Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO BZ Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO CS Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO SR Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO Z  Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO C  Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO E  Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO S  Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO T  Seires Laptops.
For Sony VAIO PCG-GRS, PCG-FR, PCG-NV, PCG-GRX, PCG-R Series Laptops.
For Sony VAIO VGN-AX, VGN-A, VGN-C, VGN-BX, VGN-CW, VGN-CR Series Laptops.
For Sonvy Vaio VGN-FE, VGN-E, VGN-FS, VGN-FJ, VGN-FZ, VGN-FW, VGN-NR, VGN-N, VGN-NW, VGN-NS Series Laptops.
For Sony Vaio VGN-SR, VGN-S, VGN-Z, VGN-SZ ,VGN-S4, VGN-S5, VGN-S3, VGP-CW Series Laptops.


The Sony Vaio Laptoo charger 19.5 v 4.7 a online comes with a warranty of 6 Months, within which the defects in the charger would be repaired for free.

Extending Battery Life

The battery life of this charger is brilliant and people have seemed satisfied by the product. It works for an appreciably long period and people can carry their work wherever they want to without any hindrance. But, handling with care is very important. Those who wish to carry on with this charger for a long period should remember to switch off the current once it is not in use.

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